Inspiring positive change
in our communities

Nourish our children

Lodestar: a star that is used to
guide the course of a ship


Through improved nutrition, children are able to develop mentally and physically, therefore improving their capability to learn and take in information at school.


We strive to educate children and caregivers about good nutrition.


As a result of proper nutrition and education, children have the opportunity to thrive both physically and mentally.


Through the work we do, we hope to inspire many people! Our DREAM TEAM of running athletes also inspire our children and others through their own achievements in their sport and their lives.

Southern Lodestar Foundation

Providing the building blocks for good nutrition

The Foundation aims to guide and inspire individuals to create positive change in our communities. Through projects that focus on childhood nutrition to support health and education, our goal is to support individuals to reach their full potential and lead communities to do the same.

Our Impact So Far

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