The Trail team

Matt Dove

Matt has recently returned from spending a 13 year stint in the UK, serving 12 years in the British Army, both as an Infantry Sniper and Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor. After being deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland, Matt has a fair understanding when it comes to assisting others. As a keen ultra distance runner and adventure seeker, Matt believes that the cause is bigger than the race, and if he can use his strengths to benefit someone else’s, then as Southern Lodestar we will keep racing for that cause.

rob graham

‘’Whatever you do in life try to enjoy doing it. Be kind, honest and passionate. I try keep these words in my mind as I follow my path in life. I am Rob Graham an adventure seeker, trail runner and endurance sport athlete and enthusiast. I have been running ultra trails for 15 years and have been very fortunate to see many beautiful parts of the world as a result. Trail running, I have always felt, is the great leveler as it unites people of all race, colour, creed, social and financial status. It reminds us of humanity, undying human spirit and ability find and surpass one’s own physical and emotional limits.’’

andré redinger

Acceptance of what is, is a desire I work on every day. This practice frees me more from judgment and negative thoughts and allows the gift of a positive life. Service is the door to humanity and this is where my heart’s desire lies. It is people that I meet every day that reminds me of this desire and brings me down to earth. I do not distinguish work and play – corporate life can consume all that is human in us so we do ultra runs to stay human and work on being loving at work. Life is a journey of many valleys, plateaus and mountains – I recognize and am so grateful for the light as a result of working on my acceptance when it is dark.

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Southern Lodestar: a star that is used to guide the course of a ship, especially the pole star.