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Who We Support

More than 6 million people go hungry in South Africa each and every day. Many of those are children who desperately need the nourishment to grow and develop both mentally and physically. 

Through like-minded people, within the sport eventing industry, we have been introduced to schools along race routes and within the areas the event companies operate in. The creches, schools and places of safety that we support have given us the most incredible feedback since our inception. “The children are glowing!” exclaimed one of the teachers and went on to say, “They are no longer late for school in the mornings and look forward to their day.” Absenteeism is no longer a problem and we’ve been told the children seem happier and healthier! 

Choosing the schools and places of safety that we support is no easy feat – we have a process that we carefully follow when considering a new institution. If you’d like to apply for our assistance and become a part of our Breakfast Programme, please email us on 

+27 (33) 940-0474/8

Millhouse Park
Mt Verde

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